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Our Horses

Huckleberry Finn
22 years old · 12 hands · Paint Pony
SBF member since 2001. Once a downtrodden poor boy, Huck Finn has never been better thanks to Tom Saywer, the widow Douglas and the kids at Storybook. He loves the farm so much that he postponed his plans to travel west indefinitely. “Sivilizing” has its advantages!
16 years old · 16.1 hands · Appendix
SBF member since 2013. After the enchantment at Beast's castle was broken, Lumiere was freed from candelabra containment and trotted off to a new adventure at SBF. Here he asks the children to "Be our Guest" and welcomes them all with his charismatic smile.
22 years old · 13.3 hands · Paint Pony
SBF member since 2018. Having had enough of Washington DC, politics and legislation, Woodrow decided to head south for a relaxing summer on a farm. Little (ha - cause he's a mouse!) did he know, he was in for a big hunk of unconditional love and acceptance at Storybook Farm.
Prince Charming
17 years old · 17 hands · Bay Oldenburg
SBF Member since 2018. Tall, dark, and mysteriously handsome; it's easy to see why this hunk of a horse has the name Prince Charming. Retired from the show jumping circuit in Florida, this chivalrous equine has all the ladies like, "heyyyyyy."

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