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Volunteer at Storybook Farm


Create a lasting impact by volunteering at Storybook Farm.

Storybook Farm empowers children impacted by adversity and reclaims the wonder of childhood through relationships with animals and nature.

Without YOU, our farm would just be another ordinary farm. Because of YOU, our story comes to life. In 2002, we set sail on our mission with a handful of exuberant college student volunteers. They paved the way for the hundreds of students who would follow in their footsteps. Today, Storybook Farm welcomes over 250 volunteers every week. That’s a lot of horsepower!

There’s an opportunity to make a difference for students in all majors, regardless of your career path.

Not a student? Not a problem. Email

to discuss volunteer opportunities.



volunteer at Storybook Farm

  • Transform a child’s life
  • Experience the “Happiness Effect”
  • Expand personal and professional network
  • Build new and lasting relationships
  • Learn new skills for future jobs
  • Strengthen resume
  • Fulfill academic requirements
  • Gain a greater sense of purpose
  • Get involved in the local community

Learn more about Spencer's experience
as a Storybook Farm volunteer.

Volunteer at Storybook Farm

The details

If you are a session volunteer working with children during regular programming, we ask that you are able to commit to at least 1 day per week for the duration of programming (usually 10 to 12 weeks.) All volunteers must be scheduled in advance. 

No previous experience required. Applicable and open to all majors. Must be 16 years old and older. Must have a desire to engage with children, animals, and nature.
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