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Fun has
serious value.

At Storybook Farm, outdoor programs fuel confidence and accomplishment, and reintroduce a sense of normalcy back into the lives of children impacted by adversity. Year-round programs grab the imagination and create whimsy and wonder. Activities are educational, but don’t tell the kids.

The importance of the child-animal bond inspires us to share it with you and your family.
We are repeatedly asked the question, “Is my child eligible?” Every child is welcome at Storybook Farm regardless of circumstances. We believe that all will benefit from time spent with animals and in nature.
Because of generous partners, all programs are provided at no cost to you. We provide all the necessary ingredients for a magical experience.
It is our hope that your time at Storybook will be refreshing and that your family experiences joy and love.

See it for yourself.

Contact us to
register or schedule a tour.

Our Programs 

Our six programs are available to all of our children at no cost.

Storybook Farm
Hope on Horseback Storybook Farm

Hope on Horseback

Horses empower confidence, promote healing, and provide a welcomed breather from life’s stressors
Storybook Farm
Horse Sense Storybook Farm

Horse Sense

Horse Sense teaches children how to be safe around horses, groom, tack, and communicate.
Horses think differently than we do and communicate differently than we do. When children understand and learn this, they connect on a deeper level. They learn to soak up every bit of information a horse is giving them. Recognizing the nuances of equine behavior kids become empathic, build confidence, and gain life skills.
Storybook Farm
Short Stories Storybook Farm

Short Stories

Our miniature horses and donkeys inspire children to stretch their comfort zone and gain confidence. We see the value for younger children to connect and learn with an animal their own size.
The Secret Garden Storybook Farm
The Secret Garden Storybook Farm

The Secret Garden

It's an interactive playground! Imaginations run wild as children explore seasonal vegetables and herbs cultivated in our raised beds. Hands-on activities like harvesting fresh rosemary for bread making to creating their own salsa recipe with tomatoes and peppers reinforce lessons in science and discovery.
Storybook Tails Storybook Farm
Storybook Tails Storybook Farm

Storybook Tails

Dogs love children, and children love dogs!
We launched Storybook Tails in 2020 to celebrate the beautiful way dogs connect with children. Their natural devotion and innate desire to bond helps a child express emotion and experience unconditional love. We take it one paw print further. With canines by their side, kids delve into science experiments, read a favorite book aloud, and navigate agility obstacles.
Storybook Farm
Discovery Trail Storybook Farm

Discovery Trail

For more than 100 years, educators have embraced experiential learning to teach children to both love and understand nature.
On the Flat Stanley Discovery Trail, children observe, listen, explore, appreciate, and most of all, enjoy the wonders of the natural world – all of which lead to a lasting affection and sense of environmental stewardship.
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