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Tragically, thousands of childhoods are lost to pain, anxiety, sadness, and fear. We’ve all seen the impact of these difficult childhoods on adult lives. Nothing motivates us more!


And We Have a Solution!

At Storybook Farm, we've built specialized, high-impact animal, nature, and educational programs that empower children to mature and succeed in life with more emotional stability.

We put books in the hands of a child who's never owned one and provide resources for learning and growth that many of us take for granted - but can 
change a child's life forever.


Seeing the impact of difficult childhood on adult lives is a powerful reminder of the importance of our work.

Adversity should never limit a child's future,

and with your help, it won't!

Check out our 2023 Impact Report to see how you are helping build brighter futures!

Interested in our past work & future plans?

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