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Don't Let Scars From Childhood Trauma Dictate A Child's Future


Thousands of childhoods are lost to pain, anxiety, sadness, and fear. Children struggle in school and with relationships.

Support The Bright Futures Campaign


 This is tragic.

Because we all know that an unhealthy childhood can shape an adult life forever.  

 But we have a solution!

At Storybook Farm, we've built specialized, high-impact animal, nature, and educational programs that empower children to grow, mature, and succeed in life with more emotional stability. 

The Kids Need Your Help!

 The demand has skyrocketed and there is no other program like ours for 500 miles (that's 7 states away!)
For every child participating at Storybook Farm, there are many more waiting for their chance. 
2023 Bright
Futures Campaign

We're Almost There!

We're at $700,000 of this year's $900,000 goal. Your gift will turn today's struggles into hope and opportunities for a child's tomorrow.

Support the Bright Futures Campaign

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Because of YOU families pay $0.00 to participate.
Your gift funds...

  • Science supplies, books, and education materials

  • Specialized care for children with special needs

  • Program expansion to help additional children

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