Volunteer Experience: Nick Funck


It was several months ago, on Labor Day, when I first visited Storybook Farm and found a non-profit that I will be coming back to for the rest of my life. I had no idea what to expect as I drove to the farm, just 20 minutes outside of Auburn, Al. As I drove up the drive I was in awe of the view I was seeing, several large fields, a great lodge-like house, and a big barn at the center of the property. I knew I was on a farm when I parked my truck and several dogs came running toward me with wagging tails. That’s when I heard Miss Dena for the first time calling out: “Professor Higgins, Violet, and Dan”.

Meeting Miss Dena was great! She is a lady with a very kind heart. As she gave me the grand tour of Storybook Farm, I could tell that she was very passionate about the animals, the farm, and the farm’s Heroes that come daily to ride and play with the animals. After that tour I was sold, I knew I had come across a great place.

When I am out at Storybook Farm I get to do the kind of work I enjoy, while in company with great people and animals. I get the chance to help maintain the fence lines, keep the grass cut, clean stalls, and get rid of some extra energy chasing Professor Higgins, the dog, around. Storybook Farm is a place where I like to go after a test, or a stressful day. It is a place where there are always smiling faces and happy personalities. Thank you, Storybook Farm.

-Nick Funck

Auburn University, Sr.

Nick Funck, Christmas Parade I_2
Nick Funck, Christmas Parade III_2
Nick Funck, Christmas Parade II_2

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