• Small Animals

Small Animals

Through experiential learning, our companion animals provide Storybook participants with warmth, friendship, and a connection unlike any other.

In additional to our 16 equine volunteers, Storybook is home to 9 dogs, 7 cats, 2 goats, and a miniature horse aptly named, “Tinkerbell.” Every animal provides companionship and connects with each child in a way that words cannot express. Our small animals give unconditionally to our riders and their families.

Together, they share laughter, joy, sorrow, and most importantly, they share a sense of purpose.

Modern studies have suggested that health benefits can be derived from relationships with animal companions. Animals have been demonstrated to improve human cardiovascular health, reduce stress, decrease loneliness and depression, and facilitate social interactions. Our canine and feline friends have an uncanny ability to meet Storybook participants at their point of need, all while providing an important sense of responsibility to our riders. Whether riding, learning in the Secret Garden, or creating magical arts & crafts, Storybook’s small animal support staff is always on the scene.

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