Nursing a Sense of Service

My time at Storybook farm was coordinated through the Auburn University School of Nursing. I completed a clinical rotation during the summer of 2016 and it has definitely been my favorite clinical setting to date! My day at Storybook was spent helping care for the horses, assisting with guest rides and interacting with all of the precious campers that visited for a riding session. I am usually uneasy around larger animals, but all of the horses and ponies at Storybook were extremely well-behaved and such fun to care for!


My absolute favorite part of the day was having the chance to interact with the campers that came to Storybook for riding sessions. Each one of these precious riders was so excited to saddle up and see their favorite animals at the farm, and their joy was downright contagious! We participated in our own version of the “Olympic Games” on horseback- the 2016 Rio Olympics were right around the corner- and had an absolute blast while doing it.

Having the chance to later speak with many of these precious young ones’ families allowed me to really understand how special of a place Storybook is to so many people. One parent told me that she had never seen her child smile the way she did when she was riding her favorite horse on the Farm, and that time spend at Storybook was not only a wonderful experience for her daughter but a source of bonding between them.


I came to Storybook that day ready to serve others, but instead found myself feeling refreshed and blessed by the pure joy I had witnessed that was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Storybook Farm is nothing short of a magical place- its unforgettable animals, beautiful grounds and unique opportunities for growth between children and their families makes for an incredible environment in which you can’t help but forget the rest of the world’s troubles while you are there.

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