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Our Horses

Dr. Dolittle
18 years old · 15.3 hands · Chestnut Thoroughbred
SBF member since 2012. With all the different types of animals calling Storybook Farm home, we have run into some translation issues. Luckily for us, Dr. John Dolittle arrived just in time. He readily converses with amphibians, canines, felines and of course, equines. He is an invaluable addition to the SBF Linguistics Team.
17 years old · 15.2 hands · Bay Quarter Horse
SBF member since 2007. Quite the dancer, Baloo is always ready to take a rider for a turn around the ring. However, his tendency to shirk his daily responsibilities does create a bit of tension with the fastidious Mrs. Potts. But when he belts out his favorite song, “The Bare Necessities,” all is right once again at Storybook Farm.
Tinker Bell
11 years old · 7 hands · Bay Miniature Horse
SBF member since 2008. When Tinker Bell heard that Mr. Smee left his pirating ways and joined the crew at Storybook Farm, she was intrigued. What kind of place could change a person like him? She fluttered to visit one day and never left. It was magical just like her pixie dust and together they will change the world – one child at a time.
Dr. Watson
24 years old · 16.2 hands · Bay Quarter Horse
SBF member since 2011. Best known as Sherlock Holmes' trusty sidekick, Dr. John Watson is clever, innovative and trustworthy. After a long career in London assisting Holmes in any and every venture, the Doctor has reunited the famous duo and joined SBF’s team of equine detectives. No case is too big or too small, but please do call ahead for an appointment.
Boo Radley
20 years old · 15 hands · Solid Paint
SBF member since 2012. A calm and kind soul, Boo Radley gently welcomes all and, in the process, instills a quiet steady confidence in his riders. He always makes sure the SBF mailbox is full of surprises and you might want to check the trees too! Boo is a genuine friend.
23 years old · 12.2 hands · Welsh Pony
SBF member since 2013. Sadly Rumpel’s past made quite a name for him –one that everyone knows. Greed and dishonesty marked his character before, but now his moral fiber consists of love and generosity. He gives all the credit for his amazing turn around to his little riders at Storybook Farm.

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