• Storybook Stakes

Storybook Stakes

It’s horse racing time at Storybook Farm!

The Storybook Stakes is a community-wide fundraising initiative benefiting our riders and their horses.

Be sure to designate which horse or pony you are supporting!

Race Guidelines:
  • Keep your favorite horse in the lead by sharing this fundraising initiative on social media and with friends and family.
  • Weekly updates via email and social media
  • The horses will cross the finish line on November 11th.
storybook stakes

Final Race Standings

Horse/Pony Amount Raised
Mr. Smee $6,375
Boo Radley $1,660
Tom Sawyer $815
Dr. Watson $740
Mrs. Potts $725
Huckleberry Finn $685
Corduroy $640
Baloo $535
Seymore $350
Gulliver's Travels $315
Friar Tuck $265
Rumpelstiltskin $200
Lumiere $150
Sherlock Holmes $135
Dr. Dolittle $105

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