• Storybook Farm Team

Storybook Farm Team

To run a twenty-five acre horse farm with two barns, 17 horses, 8 dogs, 2 goats, 7 cats and 300 incredible volunteers, all in the service of over 1,200 children and their families, it indeed takes a team. We are blessed with a staff of remarkable and compassionate individuals who, with the help of inspired interns, manage all of the behind-the-scenes tasks such as daily administrative business, fundraising, communicating with riders and volunteers and maintaining the Farm. Without our staff, well, there would be no Storybook Farm!


Dena Little Founder and Executive Director

Chris Tomlin Volunteer Coordinator / Client Relations Liaison

Jacqueline Shilen Equine Program Manager / Client Relations Liaison

Part-Time Staff

Emma Little Logistics

Maggie Little Marketing

Audrey Fisher Program Support

Grainger Shelley Farm Manager

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